457 visas and general disappointment

As if it weren’t had enough for people to try make a new life in Australia, the abolition of the 457 visas have brought that up to an entirely new level of near-impossibility.

I feel that in this country they put so much emphasis on the idea of “burdens on society” which is honestly the most ridiculous term I’ve ever heard – there’s no such thing. If a stereotypical bogan dropkick would rather pop fifty caps on the weekend and then spend the week lying on his mum’s couch complaining that he can’t get a job because he’s so brain friend, then HOW is it possibly fair that his future is more protected than someone who left a country trying to prosecute him to instead hare his skills and culture here where he thought he would feel safe?

To have a country that is such a mosaic of cultures and ethnicities run by an egocentric megalomaniac and influenced on the side by a disgusting, racist, anti-halal (gets more ridiculous every time you say it) witch.. It’s a constant disappointment and a reminder that the governments are not here for the people. Time and time again people are being shat on by this backwards, decaying, self-harming government who can’t see past its front door long enough to realise just how far behind the rest of the world their policies are.

Heaven forbid the borders allow in someone who might want to practice shariah law within the privacy of their own home – I hear if someone practices shariah in your neighbourhood then it’s all a matter of time because everyone is forcefully converted; right? Fuck off.

Turnbull’s state of “we are putting measurements in place to ensure that Australian workers are not being discriminated against in the workplace” – I feel like that doesn’t warrant a further comment than “…what?”.

Ultimately, another disappointing move from the Turnbull government.


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