The Unicorn Hotel – Paddington

Oxford Street is generally an eclectic assortment of bars that you’ve never noticed or never thought to go into until someone specifically points it out – The Unicorn Hotel is one of these. I’d been there previously on an intoxicated trip however I never ventured further that the ground level bar and the generic spirits they offer there.

This time, at an organised birthday even, I got to see the downstairs area of the hotel and my opinion of the place instantly skyrocketed. In the current 40+ degree heat that Sydney’s experiencing it was lovely to walk into the air-conditioned, brick lounge-type area. In the nooks of the area there were stacked kegs with used lids decoratively lining the walls; it was kind of beautiful.

The wait staff were delightful, the food was pretty great (Works Burger – something so satisfying about a piece of pineapple in your hamburger, maybe because it’s a refresher), the drinks list was extensive and the tap beers always rotating (I had an excellent IPA, Fixation from Byron Bay). At around 9:00pm the Piano Man begins doing his thing, taking requests and chatting to the pub goers; a completed different atmosphere the upstairs area and only separated by an open staircase.




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