(Book:) The Psychopath Test – Jon Ronson

16684574_10211734982720613_1766725032_nSurprisingly, the first book of Jon Ronson’s that I’ve ever read but unsurprisingly won’t be the last. Genuinely enjoyable from the first page – it wasn’t thrilling, exactly, but if I could’ve read it all in one sitting I would’ve. I felt like I was being educated and didn’t even feel slightly deterred as a result. He writes informatively, about hugely non-casual topics in a style that’s as casual as a dinner conversation; it was so easy to read I may as well as been listening to him speak on tape.

His reactions to his findings are as relatable as they are mind-blowing – making you flip through a constant list of people in your head (mine having ranged from my department manager to the last guy I was seeing) and try to compare them against Hare’s Psychopath checklist to see if you, too, live unknowingly amongst the labelled group of people who we’ve all been taught to internally fear.

As if psychological diagnosis wasn’t fascinating enough, the light humour throughout the book made it a read that (30 minutes post finishing the last page) I’ve already made a point of recommending to everyone and anyone who might be interested.

Here’s the link to the checklist: https://www.docdroid.net/eziu/harepclsv.pdf.html but honestly I’d recommend the book first; a good, good read.




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